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Brazil, it’s time to buy you!

Since last year Brazil get into a deep depression for political reasons and became a GREAT OPPORTUNITY INVEST, it’s that right?

Some people look to Brazil as a risk and try to avoid invest in the region without look deep into the scenario. The true is, Brazil it’s not and never was a risk at all. Let’s here see why.

For decades, to not use hundreds of years, Brazil was the main country in South America. Brazil guide, invest and used his own International doors to supply a lot of South America neighbors. So true, that Brazil always was looked within the BRICS as a country with a brilliant future.

Even with a terrible political economic direction in this last 8 years, Brazil just collect bad results in this last 2 years. Nothing of that it will be possible without a strong and sustainable economy. Of course, the gold doesn’t last forever. And that where the opportunity door is located.

Nowadays the Dollar exchange to Real is US$ 1,00 to R$ 4.05. For 30 years the exchange was not that bad for Brazil. Good News number one, all the property in Brazil is cheaper than ever. The recession within Brazilian industry made a lot of household went down. Good News number two, the buy power for all is in a very low level and the real states prices is incredible low. All the terrible political decision in Brazil in these last 8 years, made Brazilian dependent of international technology and resources. Good News number three, the dollar exchange is unsustainable in this level, it means that the Brazil will run to low the dollar in the next fill years.

To maintain a health country Brazil need to keep the dollar near US$ 1,00 to R$ 2.40, with maximum U$ 1,00 to R$ 2.70. There is no other way since Brazil is totally dependent of International relations. And as we already saw in the past, Brazil will achieve this goal in 3 to 5 years. Let’s take a look into this exchange curve, based on February 18th 2016.

The exchange start to rump up in September 2014 and it’s on the top or almost there. The only way for that point is down.

The political problems that Brazil in crossing already surpass the middle and is each day close to the end. And when they get there, the exchange will downhill with the same or speedier that climb up. This will happen because there is no other way to take Brazil from the recession for political problems.

As showed, it’s a great opportunity indeed!

You buy a product (real state) that holds a forced discount, in a place that your money worth double and have sure that in 3 to 5 years you will resell for the double price and send back much more money that you put into.

Look at this property and let do a simple exercise. This property can be find on ONEDRIVE LINK and its to public access!329&authkey=!AFwjtqmdECuqq6w&ithint=folder%2cJPG

This property, it’s a very fancy and differenced apartment and was evaluated in R$ 2,100.000 to R$ 2,300.000 in the last year, considering that time currency, it means October 2015 in US$ 2.52, the amount in UD dollars it would be US$ 912,698. If we consider nowadays currency US$ 567,901. You can pick any one of this amounts because it doesn’t really matter, you will see why.

With the recession and the high exchange, today we find this same apartment been selling for R$ 1.600.000, with today’s currency we have this property for US$ 395,061. Crazy OPPORTUNITY!

In the first stage, within 3 years the dollar will stabilize within US$ 2,4 to 2,7. Selling this property for the same buying price you will collect in total US$ 627,450 (we pick in the middle US$ 2,55). However, the economic will recover and the real state property will raise prices as well. If you consider a conservative price as the initial one, It’s conservative because Brazil have 18% of inflation per year and even within crises the prices goes up, you will collect US$ 901.960 after these 5 years.

This buy is a Risk investment? How much do you collect with your money in your save account? 0,6% per year?

This property in brazil gives you the chance to make 228% of growth, just in 5 years. You invest 395,061 and collect almost a MILLION DOLLARS, representing more than US$ 500,000 in profit!

For the last and not least you are investing in property that have one of the most protective directives in the world. Residential houses in Brazil are totally protected by law. It doesn’t matter how political changes happen, Residential properties are bounded!

Go for it!

Just make good business who do in the RIGHT TIME! This time is NOW!

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